#9 Yorainy the Fashion Killer

September 5, 2017

Hi friends! Meet Yorainy, she is a style blogger with a tiny frame and a huge personality. Get your serving of tea hunny! Whats on the menu? Here is what we talk about:

  • Our first Job
  • Bumble vs. Tnder vs. POF
  • A wisdon bomb
  • Who made feelings uncool?
  • That one time she slammed into a sliding glass door. 

I had so much fun talking to Yorainy and I hope you enjoy this as much as i did!

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#8 Tomasz the Former Mean Girl

August 16, 2017

We went in on this Podcast! After several martinis and lemon drops Tomasz had a lot on his mind and we get into it, listen as we touch on 

  • His days as a mean girl
  • Drinking and blackouts
  • Grndr and Jackd
  • Comparisons

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#7 Frank the Prom King

July 17, 2017

Hey, welcome back! I've got Franck with me, and we had quite the chat. He's a great guy, talented and witty.  Listen in as we talk about

  • My daddy issues, and my fear of roaches,
  • dating apps, are they hurting or helping?
  • what does dating mean, and what is a 90 day grace period.  

If you need photographers or videographers, check out his instagram @showgun_x and send him your requests via email at omsproductions@gmail.com



#6 Light Skin Rodrigo

June 27, 2017

Welcome back Chari Pop!

In this episode Rodrigo and i talk about 


-Who is he dating?

-Millenials are the gayest

-representation in the media

and rapid fire questions!

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#5 The 420 “Pot”cast

June 21, 2017

Here's a BONUS episode from a recording on 4/20! Can you tell who partook in "Herbal Refreshments" and who did not? Join Bianca, Trevor, and myself in this epoisode as we talk about :

  • The Original Kim
  • Who has had sex in public
  • Villians
  • Words that make us cringe
  • munchies

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#4 I was Ghosted!

June 6, 2017

You read it right. I was ghosted. Being single is great, but when you like someone, you take a risk, you put yourself out there, and then they disappear, what a blow! I was so angry, and sad, I had to share my thoughts. I might sound crazy, but its my truth. Have you been ghosted before? Have you ghosted someone else? What happened? Let me know what you think about this episode, and tell me your story. 

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#3: Swiping Victoria

May 11, 2017

Swipe, Swipe, Swipe, YESSSSS a match!

Meet my recently single friend Victoria, after getting ghosted by someone shes been dating for a few months, she decided to dip her toe in the dating pool again. Listen in as we talk about:


-The ghost

-What makes her swipe right

and much more!

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#2 Size Queen Trevor

April 25, 2017

What's it like to be gay, a  single millenial, and a size queen? Find out! Listen in to my conversation with Trevor, make sure you follow us on the Gram, @charielr and @trevorhartman In this episode we talk bout

  • tndr dates
  • dick pics
  • trevor's taste in boring guys with big dicks
  • and our netflix obsessions 

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#1 Fag Hag Bianca

April 6, 2017

Being single can be fun, and it has its challenges. I have a special guest, one of my best friends Bianca Cirilo. A self proclaimed fag-hag and one of the funniest people I know. In this episode, we tackle ;

The Dating Pool

Open Relationships

Ideal Partners 

and Lindsey Lohan.

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#000 Introduction Episode

April 5, 2017

First Episode in the Series!

I describe what the series will be like, talk about stereotypes, labels, and my sexuality. 

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